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Special Discounts avilable selected business's

There are special discounts avilable on business auto, business owners, and commercial package policies. These selected groups are:

  • Owners of self storage/ mini warehouses are eligible to participate in this program. The discount is applied to the Business Protector and Business Auto policies. The group program includes special coverages, such as, Sale and Disposal of Customers Property with liimits up to $50,000 per occurence and $100,000 aggregate. This provides coverage from the sale and removal of customers property, wrongful evicition of depriving a customer access. Storage of Customers Property provides coverage for property damage to customers property while being stored in the mini warehouse. Our plus endorsements for property and liability can also be added to the policies.

  • Are you a member of a local Chamber of Commerce? You will automatically qualify for a 10% discount. Can it be that easy? Yes. Chamber membership has this advantage. All local chambers in ohio are eligable. You can receive the same 10% group discount on Business Auto, Business Owners, and Commercial Package Policies.

We are pleased to offer these groups the special discounts and look forward to serving all your insurance needs.

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